Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Reinvention Project

In November 2018, elected Nursery & Garden Industry Members met to consider the report ‘Establishing a contemporary business model for the NGI network’ prepared by Brian Ramsay of Inovact Consulting.  At the meeting, consensus was reached to establish a new national body where businesses and associations can be in direct membership.

This means, the current national constitution and memorandum of understanding which governs the operations of NGIA will not be amended or reviewed.  It also means that all models proposed before November 2018 including the ‘unity model’ have been excluded from consideration. 

Instead, Members will vote in June 2019 on whether they agree to proceed with establishing a new entity with a new constitution.

The meeting was live streamed and remains hosted here
A media released approved by the meeting can be viewed here.   

How will my business benefit from the change?

The new national body will represent Members on nationally relevant issues and create real and ongoing value for industry businesses. Nursery and garden industry businesses have asked for a new national body that will address the key priorities of developing markets, reducing costs and protecting investments.

The new body will not only build structures which allow greater direct collaboration with members, it will also give businesses flexibility and choice with how they want to engage with their national organisation and will provide like-minded associations the opportunity to join as members.

What are the steps to establishing a new national entity?

A Transition Team of industry professionals has been formed to develop the structures and governance of the proposed new organisation, which will include consultation with Members and the development of an Information Memorandum

All Members will have the opportunity to vote on whether to establish a new national body with a new constitution where businesses and associations can be in direct membership. 

To be successful, a result of 75%+1 of voting Members will be required for change to be adopted.

Who are the Members of the Transition Team?

An Industry led group of Members of the Nursery & Garden Industry make up the Transition Team. They were nominated for the task based on their membership, skills and expertise, industry standing, availability and wanting the best outcome for the nursery industry.

You can read their profiles here.

What will the Transition Team do?

The Transition Team have Terms of Reference under which they operate. Their primary role is to consult with Members and prepare a suitable model for the new organisation which will come together in the development of an Information Memorandum (IM) for the proposed new entity.  You are invited to contact them here.

What is an Information Memorandum (IM)?

An Information Memorandum (IM) is a document which contains all the important information related to the formation of a new entity.

An IM contains details such as the purpose or ‘objects’ of the new organisation; board appointment processes such as eligibility, nominations, election, term of office; membership details including categories, fees, voting rights; and meeting procedures for annual general meetings or special general meetings.

What is an IM used for?

The details contained in an IM are used to provide information at the critical stages of developing a new national body. A lawyer will use the information to draft the constitution and an auditor will use the details to provide a statement about financial viability. The IM will also inform Members on how the new national body will function.

The Information Memorandum will be circulated widely to Members for consideration before the vote in June 2019.

What will be the priorities of the new national body?

The prospective priorities of the new national body will be developed by the Transition Team and will be informed by the ‘three pillars’-to develop your market, reduce your costs and protect your investments.  These focus areas will be the foundation for benefits and services to members and will shape how the Members are represented on nationally relevant issues.

Will the new national body be financially viable?

Before Members vote on a new entity, an accounting firm will critically review the details proposed in the IM and provide a statement relating to the financial viability of the organisation.  Details such as the funding mechanism, membership categories and fees which will be identified through the development of the IM, will be shared with Members. 

What will happen to existing associations?

Industry Associations will have the choice to join the new peak body as a member.

What will happen to Nursery & Garden Industry Australia Limited (NGIA)?

In the event of a vote for change to a new national body, NGIA will engage in a transition period where projects are finalised and/or assets and contracted responsibilities are transferred to the new entity.  At the conclusion of this period, the organisation will be deregistered.

How can I vote?

You must be a Full Financial Member or Life Member of Nursery & Garden Industry Australia to be entitled to vote.  Voting will follow the procedures detailed in the current NGIA constitution. The Constitution is printed in the Nursery Trade Register. 

What is a Letter of Intent?

A letter of intent is a non-binding indication of support for Greenlife Industry Australia.  Some businesses are eager to demonstrate their interest in Greenlife Industry Australia by signing the form and agreeing to be listed on this website.  You can download the Letter of Intent here.  

I’d like to be kept regularly informed

You can obtain the most up to date information on national reinvention project  on this website.  You can also register to receive email updates via the website and follow NGIA on Facebook.

The Transition Team and Project Manager are available to discuss the progress of activities and received your feedback. You can contact them here.